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  • Non-Apple MP3 player recommendations?

    I am looking to get a new non apple MP3 player, to replace an Apple iPod.

    Now, lets make it clear I do not want an Apple. They are expensive, and have locks to prevent use of other than licensed accessories. Because of that, I will have nothing to do with Apple.

    Now what I need:

    At least 8 GB.

    Expandable with SD/MicroSD/other affordable flash.

    Has navigable screen ( no displayless "shuffle" models.

    FM Radio.

    AAA or Li-Po battery.

    Standard mini-USB or a dock connector.

    Can separately handle music and audio podcasts like iPod can.


    Remote control (wired okay) or easily navigable front buttons to run from a case.


    Power from USB/Dock.

    Can play video.

    Syncs with iTunes

    Built in+expansion memory as one big space.

    Budget:$150 Canadian, including 8GB or more of expansion.

    Available at Canadian retailers is good.

    Need I add: No Apple.

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  • iPod replacement MP3 player recommendations?

    I currently have a 5G iPod video, 60GB, and a remote/FM radio accessory, I use it to listen to music (largely with the shuffle feature), audio podcasts, and music videos.

    It is on its last legs, which I'd like to plan on replacing it, so am looking at possible replacements. Due to Apple's accessory licensing chip in recent models, they are out of the question entirerly.

    What I need is at least 8GB flash or 30GB HDD. I will accept less flash if it can be upgraded with an SDHC card.

    I need Shuffle that shuffles just music tracks, less podcasts.I could get an el-cheapo player for podcasts, but I want something decent for music.

    It must use standard headphones.

    FM tuner is a must. Timed recording from FM is a plus, but not necessary.

    I would very much like a wired or wireless remote capability where I can make my own or use an affordable accessory remote. The remote needs to at least play/pause, skip forward/back a track, and volume up/down. Or a player with largish buttons on the front I can run through a case without looking at it.

    A USB mini connector is preferred to a proprietary connector.

    Video and photo playback are a plus, but not necessary on a Flash unit

    Except for the apparent lack of remote, I really like the Creative Zen.

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