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I'm a professional working woman and mom of two. Proudly Canadian.

  • Maybe I'm just too old, but can someone please explain the purpose of a wedding hashtag?

    When someone I know is getting married, I either receive an invitation or I don't. There would be no reason for me to ever look up info about the wedding online.. so what is the purpose of a wedding hashtag?

  • How do I fix error #3758 in MS Access? (Scaling of decimal value has resulted in data truncation)?

    This error is the bane of my existence..

    Can someone please tell me what it means and how to fix it???

  • Nightlife in Toronto - for the "mature" set?

    I will be in TO at the end of Feb for four days.. looking for recommendations - bars/clubs that cater to those who are well past their 20's.. We're middle aged.. but still like to rock it out.. (with people our own age) Any suggestions?

    Toronto8 years ago
  • My husband and I are exploring the idea of opening up our marriage.. ?

    Any words of wisdom from those who've done this?

  • How do I remove anti-perspirant build up from cotton t-shirts (and other fabrics)?

    My husband suffers from hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). As a result, he has to use an anti-perspirant with a high aluminum content, which is applied more than once a day. All of his shirts have huge sweat stains in the armpits. I can deal with stains, but the fabric in the armpit area is also very stiff; I think it's from the chemicals in the anti-perpirant. No matter what I do, I cannot get his residue out of his clothes and anywhere the fabric has gone stiff, the stains become permanent. The lack of air circulation through the stiff material only makes him sweat more, and so the cycle continues...

    Any ideas on how to get this residue out? I've tried spraying and pre-soaking, using the steam cycle, etc. and nothing's working. Home-remedies anyone? Thanks for any ideas!

  • What are the most common makeup alergens?

    I've been suffering from extreme dryness/irriation around my eyes for over six months, and the docs tell me it's allergies. Unfortunatley, we don't know what I'm allergic to at this point... I thought it might be the silicone in my foundation primer, but I've quit using it and still suffer. So.. I switched mascaras.. and I'm still suffering...

    The only time it doesn't bother me is Sunday night - after not wearing ANY makeup over the weekend. I know it's something in the makeup, I just can't figure out what it is... Any ideas?


    Makeup9 years ago
  • Can someone please explain why you'd want to boil meat?

    I'd never heard of boiling meat as a cooking method until visiting this site. I can't imagine how tough and disgusting a piece of boiled steak or chicken would be... When you boil foods, you pull the flavour out of them. And tough? Is the meat tough? I was taught to cook meat "low and slow" to make it tender (unless you're grilling a stead medium rare - that's 3-5 minutes per side at med-high heat).

    Can boiled meats really come out tender and flavorful???

  • What toppings would you want to see at a hot dog bar?

    I'm throwing a baby shower for my daughter and she and her partner have asked for a baseball themed party. I want to serve ball game food, and decided to do a hot dog bar. If YOU were attending the shower, what toppings would you get excited about putting on your dog? (chili, onions, peppers, saurkraut, etc..)

    Entertaining10 years ago
  • How exactly does one "sign" a birth certificate?

    This may sound like a stupid question, but I want to understand the difference in process in the US and Canada.

    When a child is born in Canada, nobody signs anything... The hospital completes a form for vital statistics that state the name of the mother and the name of the father. If the father isn't known, he is listed as "unknown". The form is submitted and a birth certificate is issued for the child.

    Is this process different in the US? I've also seen questions about removing someone's name from a birth certificate. How can that happen? If you're the child's parent, you're their parent...

    I'm asking in M&D because this is where I see all the questions about removing someone from a birth certificate (following divorce/custody order,etc.)

    Marriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Is it worth it to hire a landscape designer/consultant?

    We built a home on an acreage and will be landscaping this spring/summer. We plan to do the grading/planting ourselves and have some ideas, but the sheer size, shape and topography of the lot itself is scaring the heck out of me!

    The idea is to landscape with native plants (zone 3) and trees, and I'm willing to do the research to decide what to plant, but I'm afraid that the choices we make won't work together cohesively. Since we have a (very) limited budget the whole landscaping job will take a few years to complete and I'm worried what we put in this spring won't work in a few years from now...

    Do you have any experience with hiring a landscape consultant/designer and was it worth it??


    Garden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • What's a reasonable price for a new entry door?

    We're building a house and cannot get over how expensive entry doors are! We are limited to a specific supplier by the builder, but they do offer many different choices so picking something we like wasn't too difficult. But... I'm curious to hear from others what their experience was and if it's worth it to go for a door you love (because you have to look at it EVERY TIME you drive up to your home) or if we're better off spending the money on the interior.

    If you upgraded to a nicer door, do you regret it? Or are you happy with the decision, since it makes you feel good every time you see it?

    (Building a house from the ground up is overwhelming!!)

  • Back pain shooting into leg and foot - is this a disk issue?

    No history of injury - I noticed on the way home from work yesterday that I had some low back pain. I got worse as the evening went on and in the middle of the night I felt a shooting pain down my leg into my left foot. This morning the pain is bearable, but my leg is tingly and my foot is numb. Is this sciatica or a slipped disk? Other than a dr visit (which I will do if it doesn't resolve itself) is there anything I can/should do at home to get some feeling back in my foot?

  • Why are there so many "boyfriend/girlfriend" questions in the MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE section?

    It's making me crazy! I can understand if an unmarried couple are living together as though they were married and had made a comittment to each other, but the ones that start with, "... broke up for 2 months and then after a few weeks..." Good grief! A three month relationship with someone hardly constitutes a relationship anything like a marriage...

    Marriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • How many women truly believe that all men will cheat at some point in their lives?

    Do women really believe this?

    I just read a question from a 16 year old who is worried that her dad is cheating on her mom. (Although her reason for thinking this isn't really concrete). One of the answerers told her that all men will cheat at some point. I totally disagree.. Not ALL men will cheat, just as not ALL women will cheat. There are millions of really decent people in the world who take thier relationships seriously.

    So I'm just curious - how many women believe this?

    Marriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Do you have a recipe for broccoli soup?

    I have a ton of broccoli left over from an event last weekend and want to turn it into a soup that I can freeze. I've never made broccoli soup and wonder if it freezes well..

    If you've got a good soup recipe or any other great broccoli recipe I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks!

    Cooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • How many people out there are aware that it can take years and years to get a divorce?

    I just read a question asking if it's cheating if a married couple split up and one sleeps with someone else and then the couple ends up getting back together.

    A lot of folks say it's cheating until the divorce is final.. I wonder if these people have any idea of how complicated and time consuming it can be to get a divorce? I know people who initiated divorce proceedings and were still legally married 5 or six years later due to the other party contesting the divorce, custody, visitation, property division etc.

    Am I to understand that all these people are of the belief that the divorcing parties have absolutely no right to attempt to move on with thier life and possibly find a new partner? That if thier spouse is pissed enough to drag the divorce out over 10 years that they must be celibate?

    Marriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • "Losing" days on my cycle... is this common for women around 40?

    Interesting phenomenon... I seem to be "losing" a day or two on my cycle each month. I was always on a 28 day cycle, but as I get closer and closer to 40 my cycle is shortening. I'm now down to about 23 days..

    I know a lot of women who's periods changed dramatically around this age - increased PMS, increased flow, increased duration, decrease in cycle time.. Is this really common? Or just coincidence that I know so many?

    Has anyone else experienced a continuous loss of days in their cycle? If so, have you gotten any advice from a physician that you can/will share with me?

    I'm not overly concerned yet, but at the rate I'm losing days, I figure I only have a year or so left before I begin menstruating on a continual basis... YIKES!!

    Women's Health1 decade ago
  • I need some perspective on my feelings about reconnecting with someone who hurt me in the past?

    I was widowed 17 years ago at the age of 21, and left with a 16 month old daughter. The circumstances surrounding my husband's death were quite tragic. His family was devastated, of course and to ease their own pain, they blamed me. Nasty things were said, and because I needed to move on with my life, I broke off contact with my in-laws. My daughter recently turned 18 and the family has tracked her down and are trying to build a relationship with her. As an adult, she has the right to enter into any relationship she wants, and I'll support her if this is what she chooses to do. The problem is that they want to reestablish a relationship with me, and I'm having difficulty leaving my past feelings in the past. For 17 years I thought I'd gotten past the hurt, but the idea of meeting any of these people again fills me with fear and anger. Can anyone give me some perspective on why I'm still feeling this way? I'm happy in my life - I don't know if I want to bring up old hurt.